Fjällräven Polar 2017 – An adventure begins!

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Only two more sleeps till I leave Amsterdam and will travel towards Stockholm to start the adventure of a lifetime. In Stockholm I will meet 27 fellow adventurers from all over the world with whom I will be spending the next 7 days. And with spending I mean surviving in the wilderness, camping in the snow and hopefully enjoy some Northern Lights! Because we are participating in Fjällräven Polar 2017.

Fjällräven Polar 2017

Last december I earned a spot in this expedition by getting 12326 votes. A wanted spot, so to speak. Because there were a lot of people joining the competition. Together with Freek van Eijk I will be representing the Benelux during Polar 2017! A very unique chance that only few people get.

Off the grid

But it’s not going to be a holiday! Or as my colleagues said: “You’re not just going on a vacation, you are going to do something really special.” We will have to cook our own food, make our own fire, set up camp and take care of our dogs IN THE SNOW! I mean.. What if a blizzard shows up?! Luckily Fjällräven will give us all the gear we need to survive in the wild. They are even going to teach us all the survival secrets they know the first two days of the week.

And then on April 5th we will start our 330 kilometer trip from Signaldalen (northern Noorwegen) to Jukkasjärvi (northern Sweden). Four days we will be off the grid and living in and of nature. We will be making new friends, learn valuable life lessons and according to previous Polar participants; change as human beings.

Source: Fjällräven Polar

The adventure of a lifetime

When I was standing on a dog sled in northern Norway last year, I was overwhelmed by emotions and said “I want to do this for the rest of my life. This is wat happiness is. This is it.” And now I get to go on this mindblowingly amazing adventure with a group of people that already feels like family to me. If I’m ready? I don’t even know. But there’s no time for doubts anymore. I’m going on this adventure. I’m going to have this amazing experience. I’m going on the adventure of a lifetime.

Fjällräven Polar

If you would like to follow my adventure, please use the links below! I won’t be posting on social the four days we are off the grid, but Fjällräven will share videos on their Polar canals every day at 20:00!

I am so so so grateful for the opportunity and I can’t put into words how much this already means to me. Everything we will be doing is way out of my comfort zone, so I keep feeling a mixture of panic, anxiety and excitement. My suitcase is packed. I’m ready. I’m going to participate in Fjällräven Polar 2017. Let the adventure begin!

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