Norway is about to open a scenic viewing point over Gaularfjellet

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One of the better kept secrets of fjord Norway is the Gaularfjellet. Gaularfjellet is a mountain lying in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, which is crossed by a road from Dragsvik to Moskog. This road belongs to the 18 official national tourist routes of Norway and treats its visitors to something that can be called quite an impressive roadtrip. The journey starts at the longest fjord in the world (Sognefjord) and takes you over tiny mountain paths, to see lively rapids and waterfalls, all the way along the river Gaula to the highest point of the route: the Gaularfjellet.


Last summer we traveled over this amazing national tourist route as well. With our favorite part: the highest point of the Gaularfjellet. This picture was taken right on that highest point with in the background the vast drop into the valley. You can drive down the mountain via a handful of spectacular hairpins that will take you into the forrest at the foot of the mountain.

2015-08-07 17.23.46

As if the view from up above the Gaularfjellet wasn’t special enough, Norway’s biggest construction company (Veidekke) is now working on a dizzyingly (I love this word) triangle made of stone. This triangle is not only going to mark the highest point of the mountain, but will also facilitate an amazing view over the hairpins and bushy valley.

Photo by Eivind Nygaard

Two of the three corners will point up and will be partly staircase. The real daredevils can climb these stairs and do a Titanic move on top of them while gazing over the valley. The third corner will be on the same level as the road to make it accessible for all kinds of public. For now it doesn’t look very safe though. Only time will tell if the Norwegian are planning on doing something about that.

Door Eivind Nygaard
Photo by Eivind Nygaard
Door Eivind Nygaard
Photo by Eivind Nygaard
Door Eivind Nygaard
Photo by Eivind Nygaard

But it really is an impressive structure! You should be able to visit it this summer, so you can start planning your ultimate roadtrip right now! Not convinced yet? Check out the timelapse below that construction company Veidekke made and be amazed by the breathtaking views!

We’ve got ourselves a pretty neat excuse to plan another roadtrip along the Gaularfjellet. Would you dare to climb the stairs?

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