How to win a spot in Fjällräven Polar 2018

Fjällräven Polar 2018

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Were you super impressed and inspired by my Polar adventure? Then I’ve got good news for you! Because this Thursday (november 16) the race for Fjällräven Polar 2018 will start! And everyone can join! It doesn’t matter where you live, what you do and whether you’ve ever been on a dogsled before or not.

Fjällräven Polar 2018

Fjällräven Polar 2018

Fjällräven Polar is a super special winter adventure across the Arctic wilderness. Adventurers from all over the world will travel 300 kilometers on a dogsled through northern Norway and northern Sweden. This means camping in the snow, taking care of the dogs and making your own meal in really low temperatures. The journey will go from Signaldalen in Norway all the way to Väkkäräjärvi in Sweden. During the expedition you will learn all the skills you need to survive at the frozen tundra. On top of that Fjällräven will take care of all the gear you need (they will let you take most of it home at the end of the journey!!).Fjällräven Polar 2018

How do you enter?

Competing is simple, but not easy! Make sure that you write a killer motivation and/or make a super inspiring video to put on your Polar Profile on the website. Try to gather as many votes as possible before December 14 ór make a really good impression with the judges! The crazier, the better. At the end of the competition there will be two winners per region. One winner by votes and one winner will be chosen by the judges.

Fjällräven Polar 2018

What’s new?

There will be 10 regions to compete in this year. Fjällräven decided to change the old regions up a bit, to increase the chances at winning for smaller countries. This means that the competition will be a lot different this year! The new regions will be:

1. Region Nordic east: Sweden/Finland/Baltic countries.
2. Region Nordic west: Norway/ Denmark/Iceland
3. Region Mediterranean: France/Italy/Spain/Portugal/Greece/Turkey/Cyprus
4. Region UK/Benelux: UK/Ireland/ Benelux
5. Region GAS: Germany/Austria/Switzerland/
6. Region Central Europe: Poland/Czech/Slovakia/Hungary/ Slovenia/ Croatia/ Bosnia and Herzegovina/Serbia/ Albania/ Romania, Moldova/ Macedonia
7. Region Asia 1: South Korea/Japan/Taiwan/Indonesia/Philippines
8. Region Asia 2: China/Thailand/ Malaysia/Vietnam/Singapore/Australia/New Zealand
9. Region North America: USA & Canada
10. Region The World: Countries not listed above.

Fjällräven Polar 2018

Tips & tricks from a previous Polare

Because I am already receiving messages from people from all over the world that are looking for tips and tricks to win Polar, I’ll try to share a couple of things that I think will help you increase your chances at winning.

  • Be you, be real and speak from your heart;
  • Don’t be intimidated videos that are shot with expensive cameras. If you’re creative you can do things that are just as special with your mobile phone;
  • Choose if you want to win the jury pick or the public vote, so you can focus your campaign on one of those and go full force;
  • Make sure that EVERYBODY you go to school with, work with, live with, play sports with, knows what you’re doing. Ask them for help, inspiration, motivation and connections that may help you get to your goal;
  • Be confident. Don’t worry when you have a day that you don’t get as many votes as other days. Let it inspire you to try something else instead;
  • Be shameless. If you think something is too crazy, then that’s your best idea yet;
  • Try to join forces with people from other countries. They are no competition to you and you can keep eachother motivated and inspired;
  • Last but not least: BE NICE. It is a competition, but you are trying to make the same dream come true. Don’t talk bad about eachother, don’t cheat and try to inspire eachother instead. Show Fjällräven that you have the Polar spirit!

If you still have any questions for me after reading these tips, feel free to leave a message below or inbox me on Facebook.

Polar 2018

Will you take my place in 2018?

After this unforgettable adventure, I am now officially a member of the Polar family (Polare); a family that contains less people than there has ever been people on the summit of Everest. Now isn’t that special?! Do you want to become a part of the family? Then make sure you sign up this Thursday and try to earn yourself one of those sleds! You can find more information on the Fjällräven Polar website.

Still not convinced? Check out the full Fjällräven Polar 2017 after movie. Because I can’t get enough of it! 


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