No Guts No Glory!

No Guts No Glory

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In my previous blog I wrote about the Fjällräven Polar competition and why I work so hysterically hard to win this. If you haven’t read my story yet, please do so to catch up on what and why:

With only 7 days left before voting ends, I decided to go a step further. From the moment I entered this contest, I’ve been hearing it in the back of my head. A motto that I’ve been carrying around with me for a while now: “No guts, no glory.” Because yeah, it IS scary to chase your dreams like a total moron. But everything worth having, is worth fighting for, right?

And when I think about that motto, I think about a foundation that’s close to my heart: No Guts No Glory. A foundation that that helps people with cancer who can get treatment that’s not being covered by their health insurance. Not by spreading sad stories, but by celebrating life with their motto: no guts no glory! They offer financial and mental support and use (social) media to get attention for this problem. And I think their cause is very important.

No Guts No Glory

So I decided to donate €0,01 for every vote I get in my contest to No Guts No Glory. And if I win the contest, I will DOUBLE the amount! With this gesture I hope to warm peoples hearts the way people warmed my heart the last couple of weeks. Because really, you did. I’ve been smiling from the first vote to the most recent one and I am forever thankful for every single one of them.


Would you rather help the foundation directly? Or for more than a vote and €0,01? Or would you like to get rid of your Christmas bonus? You can donate on IBAN: NL61 TRIO 0198 4024 49 in the name of No Guts No Glory in Tilburg or via the donate button on the website.

And remember: No guts, no glory. <3

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