Please help me get to the Arctic wilderness with Fjällräven Polar 2017!

Fjallraven Polar Contest

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Last January I left the northern part of Scandinavia with a very bad heart ache. After living in a fairytale for a week and experiencing the most amazing and touching adventures, we headed home. Back from minus 40 degrees to minus two degrees. The following weeks were pretty hard on me. Looking at the pictures we took during the week was physically hurtful and I tried to distract myself with lots of activities. I always knew that my heart belonged to Norway, but staring at the Northern Lights with snow up to my knees was the moment I realized: I was born in the wrong country.

Fjallraven Polar Contest

But the feeling of constantly being homesick disappeared when I found out about the Fjällräven Polar Contest a couple of weeks ago. A contest, organized by the Swedish clothing brand, with a prize worth fighting for: 300 kilometers through the Artic Wilderness with more than 100 professional and well-trained dogs and fellow adventurers from all over the world.

My eyes welled up and I felt the butterflies in my stomach. This was a chance I had to grab with both hands. But at the same time it was terrifying. Because this might turn out to be one big disappointment and I didn’t know if I could handle it. Last Wednesday the contest started. I thought about not entering, but that would be plain stupid, so last Friday I signed up. With a heavy heart.

And then this happened:

Fjällräven Polar 2017

The votes skyrocketed and within the weekend I was 1st in the Benelux. That’s exactly what I need to win this contest! I’m completely overwhelmed by all the support, heart warming messages and motivating words I received the last couple of days. And for that I am forever thankful. No seriously. Thank you.

BUT! The contest goes on until the 15th of December and until then I have to defend my position as the number 1 of the Benelux. And the competition is though. My biggest dream is within arms reach now and I can’t just sit back and watch it pass by. I have to grab this with all the hands I have (I’d wish I had more than two). But I need your help in doing so. I promise not to cry on the back of the sled for 5 whole days. And send you a Christmas card, birthday card, slice of cheesecake or come give you cuddles in return for your vote.

Would you please help me go back home?


And if you have some spare time, please vote for my fellow adventurers as well:
– Hanna, Sweden
– Kitty, Hungary
– Mónica, Portugal

Fjallraven Polar Contest
Picture: Fjällräven Polar

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