• De schemer tegemoet rijden op de Atlantische Weg

    Drama, beauty and danger at The Atlantic Road

    The Atlantic Road, to Norwegians better known as Atlanterhavsveien, belongs to the 18 national tourist routes of Norway. And you can’t deny that, because this road is amazing! This public piece of asphalt, which actually looks more like a rollercoaster than a road, connects the islands Averøy, Vevang and Eide to the mainland of Kristiansund and Molde. The road is barely 8 kilometers long, but is renowned worldwide for her impressive appearance. The Atlantic Road hops over the ocean via 8 very special bridges from island to island. It undulates, folds, curls, twists, climbs and descends in the most spectacular ways from Molde to Kristiansund. The Norwegians consider this road as cultural heritage and in…

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    One of the most beautiful roads in the world: Trollstigen

    Trollstigen is the final point of one of the 18 National Tourist Routes (Nasjonale Turistveger) of Norway: Geiranger – Trollstigen. This steep mountain pass full of hair pins is world famous and gets hundreds of thousands of visits per year by road trip lovers from all over the world. Trollstigen literally means ‘ladder for a troll’ or ‘Troll’s ladder’. Back in the days Trollstigen was a dangerous mountain pass that shephards took to bring their sheep to the mountain top. On July 31st 1936 it became an asphalted road and today it’s one of the most famous roads in the world. It’s been named in endless ‘top 10 roadtrip’ lists,…

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    The tragic history of the beautiful Lovatnet

    The Lovatnet is a beautiful lake with a long, tragic history. A little past Loen, in the area of Stryn in Sogn og Fjordane, you can still tell from the surroundings what distasters took place in this gorgeous valley more than a century ago. The pearly green lake contains mostly melt water that finds it’s way down from the Jostedalsbreen and the Tindefjellbreen to the Lodalen valley. From the Lovatnet on the water flows through the Loelva river all the way to the Nordfjorden. Because of the sky high mountain tops surrounding the lake, the bright water in the fjord and lake and greener than green grass along the waters, the Lovatnet is almost too pretty to be true. Tourists are very fond of…