Schommelen in Geiranger, fjord-Noorwegen
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The 12 most photogenic places of fjord Norway

In the southwest of Norway, also known as fjord Norway, lay endless possibilities for hiking through national parks and roadtripping national tourist routes. But besides that I have another hobby. The last couple of years I have worked really hard to find the most beautiful spots in fjord Norway to capture my journeys in a special way. And with success. These are the 12 most photogenic places of fjord Norway! 

1. Trollkirka, Molde

Hidden in the western part of Møre og Romsdal, just above Molde, lies Trollkirka. The composition of underground pathways and colorful limestone caves is the reward you get for an hour and a half of hiking through Trollkirkedalen nature reserve. There’s two caves there with a waterfall coming in from the roof. How cool is that?! This place is so special to me that I have returned to it multiple times to take pictures. And this summer I will definitely go back again! 

2. Litlefjellet, Åndalsnes

If you’ve ever seen my Instagram account, you already know this place pretty well. It’s probably my favorite spot in all of Åndalsnes. Not a lot of people know about Litlefjellet, but you’ll get to the top of this ‘small mountain’ within twenty minutes and you will be amazed by the view. Especially Trollveggen is really cool to photograph from this angle. Litlefjellet is also a place I can’t stop coming back to for taking pictures, but also to drink tea and watch the sunset. So romantic!

3. Swing in Geiranger

Geiranger is also known as the ‘pearl of the North’. This tiny village is probably one of the most famous spots in all of fjord Norway and is dominating brochures, Instagram and post cards. Last summer we stumbled across this swing just above the Waterfall Walk and it made me so happy! I felt like a little kid, swinging above the fjord. Just take the stairs along the waterfall upwards and then make a right at the top. Have fun! 

4. Romsdalseggen, Åndalsnes

A pretty intense hike, but a really special reward in return! Romsdalseggen is my favorite hike in all of Norway. From the top of the ten kilometer long mountain ridge you have a stunning view over the entire province. In addition to those views you’ll find spots to take pictures that will make the people at home shiver! Some bits you’ll even have to climb on hands and feet. Just don’t look down..

5. Aurstaupet, Nesset

The first year we drove this route, we didn’t even know about this spot. So last year we simply had to go back! The Aurstaupet viewing point is found along the Aursjøvegen toll road between Sunndalsøra and Eikesdal. If you ask me it’s a real shame that this route is not a part of the 18 national tourist routes of Norway. From Aurstaupet you’ll have a dazzling view over Eikesdalen. Mind your step though, there’s no fences here! 

6. Trollstigen, Åndalsnes

This route actually is a member of the 18 national tourist routes of Norway and even crowned as one of the most beautiful roads in the world by National Geographic: Trollstigen! With a spectacular slope of 9% this mountain road meanders her way to the top of the mountain. At the top you’ll find a viewing point that’ll allow you to see all over Isterdalen valley. You cannot miss out on this when visiting fjord Norway! 

7. Rampestreken, Åndalsnes

Rampestreken is a part of the Romsdalseggen hike, but can also be visited as an adventure on its own. This viewing point is not for everyone though! The steel construction hangs 550 meter above the city of Åndalsnes and does great on camera. Rain or sunshine! You have to work to get there, but it’s totally worth it. 

8. Trolltunga, Odda

When you think about hiking in fjord Norway, you think about Trolltunga! You’ve probably seen it somewhere on the internet before, as people from all over the world pose on the piece of rock that looks a bit like a tongue. Hence the name ‘Trolltunga”, or “Troll’s Tongue”. And I can’t blame them, because it sure makes a pretty picture! The hike up there is pretty hard – especially for beginners – but after all the hard work you’ll sure feel like a (Lion) King or Queen on the stone tongue 1100 meters above sea level!

9. Lovatnet/Loen

It’s really hard to pick favorites when you love Norway as much as I do, but Loen gets really close to being ‘my special one’. The entire area blows me off of my feet and leaves me speechless every time. It’s gorgeous from every angle and you’ve never seen so many shades of blue in one place. And what about all the glaciers and waterfalls in the area? Oh my gosh.. 

10. Snøhetta viewing point

To be fair, this is not located in what the Norwegians call ‘fjord Norway’, but I decided to cheat a little and include it anyways. Snøhetta viewing point is a true work of art, located in Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park. From behind the glass you get to look at musk oxes and reindeer that live on the endless wildlands. And it’s just beautiful, especially with a blue sky above. Or packed with clouds. Actually it doesn’t really matter, because Snøhetta is ready to be photographed any time of day. 

11. The isle of Smøla

Maybe I’m prejudiced, since I spent more than six weeks on this island, but Smøla really is a place to remember. There hasn’t been a day I’ve seen the same sunset and they are absolutely mindblowing. Magical even. More beautiful than any place in fjord Norway. The island is also a perfect place to photograph birds! If you’re fast enough, that is.. 

12. Storelgen, Atna

Along Riksveg 3, close to the village Atna, stands the biggest elk of fjord Norway: Storelgen (literally ‘the big elk’). Moreover, it’s the biggest elk sculpture in the world! We accidentally drove past it, but hit the brakes to go have a closer look. It’s so cool to see! Especially from up close. You’ll see it when you get there.. 

Did I forget to include your most photogenic spot in fjord Norway? Leave a message below! I am always on the hunt for new places to visit, so I’m eager for your input!  


In 2015 an Australian woman died after falling from Trolltunga. In 2009 a woman from Austria died after falling into Vøringfossen waterfall because of picking an unsafe spot to take a picture. Norway is gorgeous, but many places do not have fences to keep you safe. I am personally really happy about it, because I don’t have to photoshop my pictures into looking more ‘wild’, but it does mean that you have to be your own safety net. Enjoy the country, but be careful! And as my mom would say: “Don’t do anything stupid!” Your personal safety is always more important than that one perfect picture. 

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