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Litlefjellet, the hidden gem of Romsdal

Somewhere in Vengedalen lies a very well hidden gem. It’s dreamy, beautiful and fairylike and it’s called Litlefjellet (literally ‘small mountain’). Locals also call it ‘Romsdalseggen light’. Litlefjellet is my favorite spot in the entire area and getting their is fairly easy as well! Even though I’d rather keep this special place for myself, I can’t possibly keep this from you. And because putting into words how special this place is, is pretty hard, I’ll just show you why Litlefjellet stole my heart. 

How to get to Litlefjellet?

Hiking to Litlefjellet could be done by a four year old! However, getting to the starting point doesn’t just ‘happen’. You have to go look for it. Follow Riksveg 64 towards Isfjorden and follow the road towards Liabygda. After 2 kilometers take a right towards Vengedalen and keep following the signs. You’ll pass a toll station, so bring a credit card! Keep following the road passed Vengedalsvatnet (which is a great camping spot by the way!) until you reach the little parking lot underneath Litlefjellet. 

A hike for all ages

The sign below tells you you’re at the right spot! It’s a 20 minute hike to the top from here. 30 if you take it slow. Either way, little effort for what you get in return! The climb is kinda steep at some places, but there’s chains to hold on to in case you slip. Because of these chains and the duration of the hike it’s really well suited for all ages and physical shapes. 

The hidden gem called Litlefjellet

Don’t forget to look back every once in a while, because there’s breath taking views all around! And before you know it you’ll find yourself with your head in the clouds on top of Litlefjellet. With the Lord of the Ring-ish Trollveggen in front of you, the famous Romsdalshorn on your left, the beautiful city of Åndalsnes on your right and Vengetindene behind you. 

“Never has a human achieved so much by putting so little effort into it” 

– Arne Næss Sr.
(famous alpinist & philosopher)

A place most people can only dream of

The first time we visited Litlefjellet, we arrived at the end of the day. The sunset colored the clouds all shades of orange and they were reflected in the tiny ponds on top of the mountain. All of a sudden I felt overwhelmed by a weird feeling of inner peace. It was the first time I received such a huge reward for so little effort. And Litlefjellet is my favorite spot in the Romsdalen area ever since. I come here to clear my mind, have a cup of tea and some chocolate while watching the sunset and also for photoshoots with friends now. I simply cannot get enough!

Even when you’re not an experienced hiker or not a big fan of physical exercise, you’ll still enjoy hiking to Litlefjellet. Maybe you’ll even unleash something you didn’t think you had in you? 

Are you a more extreme hiker? Then I really recommend you to consider hiking Romsdalseggen too! It’s definitely my favorite hike in entire Norway. 

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